Check if  the burner is grounded. The water heater must be properly grounded and polarity correct, not reversed. Proper grounding is important as the control system must perform the flame verification. Make sure the gas valve gets enough electricity. Check if the gas pressure is correct and that is freely flowing through the gas valve. Keep in mind that the Vertex water heater is certified for the altitude of up to 10,100 feet. Per AO Smith manufacturer, the manifold offset pressure is 0.24” W.C. (it can vary), minimum supply pressure is 3.5 W.C. and maximum supply pressure is 14” W.C., for the natural gas. The manifold gas pressure is factory set. The ignition failure is noticed if there is a continuous drop in supply gas pressure of 1.5” W.C.

When the stem becomes stripped, the handle will feel loose or just spin on end. 1. Turn off the water (and cover the drain!) If you’re working on the sink, you can usually find the valve and handle right below it or within the the cabinet it’s built into. Turn the handle clockwise—righty-tighty—to shut off the water supply. If you’re taking care of a bathtub, you’ll generally need 24 HR Plumbing Nearby to turn off your home’s main water supply . We also recommend covering your drain; it’s an easy-to-miss step that can result in screws and other items being lost forever. 2. Remove faucet handles or cover plates. Depending on where the faucet body attaches to your faucet cartridge, you’ll need to remove either the faucet handles or decorative cover plates.

So, if you ever visit you should too. Also, there is almost no soap, but most Chinese don’t use soap anyway as stated by Gold. If you ever visit London, Paris, and/or Amsterdam here are some key things you need to know about their bathroom etiquette. On the website Travel + Leisure, it states some pretty strange things you should know when heading to these European cities. It is common to pay to us public restrooms, even if they appear to be free. So, always assume. If there is no cost to enter, there is likely a cost for toilet paper or a top dish for the bathroom attendant. Quick tip if you ever travel there: sometimes attendants will put big bills in the tip jars to confuse tourists, but don’t worry. A small tip equivalent to between $0.50 and $1.00 is sufficient as brought up by Travel + Leisure.

Bathroom Group: toilet plumbing Term to describe the common bathroom. One toilet, one sink, one bathtub/shower. Bidet: A plumbing fixture similar in appearance to a toilet bowl used for personal hygiene. It is floor mounted, usually next to a toilet, and consists of a washing basin, faucet and sprayer. Bleed: To drain a pipe of excess air by opening a valve at the end of the pipe. Blow Torch: A torch used by plumbers to solder pipes, activated by pressurized fuel and air to generate its flame. Blowbag: A drain-cleaning device consisting of a rubber bladder with a hose fitting on one end and a nozzle on the other. The device attaches to a water hose and is inserted into a clogged drainpipe. As water is introduced, it expands to grip the pipe, and releases pulsating bursts of water through the nozzle, forcing water through the pipe to clear the obstruction.

If you’re thinking of doing a kitchen, bath or laundry room remodel this year, choose water-efficient faucets and shower heads, and/or place a point-of-use water heater in areas where you consistently run the taps to heat water up. Outdoors, you can install a drip-irrigation system instead of a new sprinkler or consider setting up your own rainwater harvesting system to use for watering plants or washing your car. It can be helpful to think of your toilet as another appliance in your home. Anything with moving parts can break or wear down – and that includes the moving parts of your toilet. Save water and avoid costly problems later with good maintenance this year. Ideally, your water heater should last between 10 and 15 years, but without proper maintenance many fail after 5 or 6 years, leaving you frustrated and sometimes causing significant damage to your home. An annual flush and all-around check to make sure all the parts are functioning well can help you avoid cold showers, save you money, and extend the life of your water heater. Nobody wants to deal with the hassle (and often major expense) associated with clogged drains. This year, take steps to prevent clogs before they happen by placing mesh screens or strainers in your sinks, tub or shower, etc., not putting anything down the drain or toilet that doesn’t belong (i.e.

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